Daniel Petersen

I am a Web/Mobile developer from Nanaimo BC with experience in
front end design, backend development, user authentication, API Integration,
graphic design, game development and much more.
I use PHP, MySql, JS/JQuery, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Java and C#.

I have been developing websites and programming mobile apps for over 5 years. I have experience in full site design, adding functionality to existing sites, frameworks, API's, game development and image/movie editing. I live in beautiful Nanaimo, BC and I am available for freelance work or employment.


Web Development

My most recent project is the front and back end of a site that allows kids to upload pictures they have drawn. It uses PHP, Mysql and JQuery.

I have been developing websites for over 4 years. I have developed WordPress sites for friends, family and companies.

Android Apps

I began my journey into programming through game development. The bulk of my time over the last few years has been developing for the Android platform. Most of the games were made using Java and Eclipse but I have recently moved to C# and Unity3D.

My most popular game is Spider Swarm with 80,000 downloads and my favourite and most recent is Ellipse, not a game but a graphical app where users can play with shapes and make interesting animations.

Ellipse Swap Fuzz Ball Time Trap Squared


I enjoy dabbling in different technologies and I have been involved in many projects over the years. Here are some of those projects.


Ellipse is my most recent app. It can be downloaded from Google Play or it can be played on my website. It is better to use Firefox or Explorer since Chrome has a necessary library disabled.

It has gone through a few iterations and the most recent version is a user friendly version of what once was complicated and confusing. Game and app development has taught me a lot about creating intuitive and clean user interfaces.


I have produced and own the rights to all of the music that I use for my projects. I use Music Maker for soundtracks and sound effects. My music can be heard below in the videos.

3D Rendering

I have also used Blender and Sony Vegas to create some CGI videos.

These are some logos I have done. The left one took 36 hours to render.

Recently I have been working with 3D and creating videos that can be used in Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.