Daniel Petersen

I am a Web Developer from Vancouver Island, BC with experience in frontend development, backend development, database design, user authentication, API Integration and graphic design. I enjoy building full stack applications that allow users to interact with data in useful ways.

I have experience developing business websites, online stores and web apps. I have worked with a wide range of technologies and tech stacks including Javascript, Node, React, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Mysql, SASS, CSS Animations and much more.



DerfiDefi is a site I built to access Decentrilized Finance data from multiple networks using Metamask. The goal of the site is to shed light on the underlying contracts of AMM's and to help people learn about how the contracts work together to create Automated Markets for tokens.

The site is built using React with hooks and the Context API.

Project Site: www.derfidefi.com


Kaleido is a recent project that allows an image to be used in a webpage to create a kaleidoscope type effect. The library is easy to use and configure. I created a demo project to help users see how different configurations affect the animation. The animation is optimized to run at 30fps and to stop running when the it isn't on screen to save battery and processing power. The project is built using modern Javascript.

Project Repository: github.com/dpet/kaleido.js
Project Demo: www.danielpetersen.ca/demo/kaleido
Demo page 1: www.danielpetersen.ca/demo/flower
Demo page 2: www.danielpetersen.ca/demo/cloud


Mathpro is a project done for a client who wanted an interactive calculater for geometric shapes. The project is built using PHP, Mysql and Laravel on the backend and Vue on the front end. The project involved many challenges including converting thousands of formulas from excel spreadsheets and converting them into useable javascript with regex. The site also utilizes katex to show the calculations in a math friendly format.

Project Site: www.mathpro.biz

North Island Web

North Island Web is a sleek looking website that uses Wordpress and Divi. The site is optimized for speed and the pages work well in slow internet areas.

Project Site: northislandweb.com


Previous Work

I have a wide range of experience which has helped me along the way. I started programming Android games about 8 years ago using Java and Eclipse. This was a great introduction to programming and helped me understand layout systems and build processes. I moved onto internet games using Unity3D and C#. After minimal success, I moved into web development and started freelancing for backend work. I built many websites and web apps for clients and I was able to grow my skills with practical application. My clients ranged from the RCMP locally to a development studio in New York.

I recently worked as a Junior Web Developer for Blockstream. This was a great opportunity for me to work with many technologies such as Jekyll, Django, Ghost and React. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from some very smart engineers and I was happy to work in a professional deployment system.

Current Work

I am currently in-between jobs so I have been using my time to refresh my Javascript and React skills. I am also focussing on defi and learning web3, solidity, ethers.js, truffle and ganache. I am learning to deploy contracts to EVM compatible chains and then to interact with them by building web based interfaces. Defi is an emerging technology and I am looking for opportunities to grow and to work in this exciting area.

I am also upgrading this site to a newer server using Ubuntu 20.04 and Nginx instead of Apache. I am hoping to make it easier to manage and to add new project demos. I would like to add a blog using Next.js and some react apps to demo some User Interface concepts.


Email: dpetersen1@live.com